About Us

Edgepoint Shelters Ltd is a real estate and property development company with a passion for excellence and the drive to make home and land ownership stress-free. The company is managed by professionals that have a long-standing pedigree in real estate and banking. The management staff’s experience that constitutes members from a different cultural background that are driven purposely to attain a height in real estate gives the company great leverage.”

mission statement

To provide comfortable and contemporary estate services to land and homeowners.


C: Competence
A: Attention To Details
R: Responsiveness To Client Needs
E: Ever Ready To Deliver On Its Promise.

Vision statement

To furnish the next generation with an excellent real estate brokerage in which integrity and professionalism will be enacted.


Mr. Tony Okeke

Managing Director

Adepoju Adewale

Marketing Director

Onuka Grace Ifeoma

Client Relationship Officer

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